The materials are produced by depending on the desired quality levels :
- Vacuum induction melting (quality VIM)

- Electroslag remelting (quality ESR)

- Vacuum method (quality VAR)

Tool steel

VTA 1.6W Forg: tool steel grade 19 is the equivalent of 19552 quality with enhanced characteristics and is designed for hot work with a higher abrasion resistance and dimensional stability. Increases tool life.

Magnetically soft steel

VTA FEMAG: magnetically soft steel with defined B-H characteristic is extremely clean steels with a low content of unwanted elements, with a high level grain structure and homogeneity. It is intended for electron microscopy.

Nickel based alloys

Nimonic 80: special tool steel with a high content of alloying elements, which is suitable for use in the manufacture of tools and equipment for extreme conditions.


Tool Steel - is used for machining of less quality steels (e.g. steel), or for the production tools such as molds for plastic molding, forging dies, the cylinder in rolling mills, complicated molds production of tires, special molds for casting materials.

Duplex steel - is used increasingly, in connection with increasing the production of semifinished products from this steel. It is also used in architecture, food, medicine, in the manufacture of surgical instruments, implants.

Special steel - soft magnetic steel for laboratory instruments very well leads magnetic field and also remaining indifferent towards him. There does not occur the steel magnetization and the field is rapidly discharged after shutdown. These materials are used in electrical engineering (speakers, transformers).

Ferrous-based Fe3Al (aluminides) - this material is particularly characterized by high strength and toughness. It has the same, if not a better mechanical properties than tool steel , is less expensive compared considering to the feedstock, but manufacturing and subsequent processing are quite complicated. Application: wood industry, military and marine industries.

Ni alloys - turbine blades, hydraulic switchboards, engine parts (valve saddles), forging inserts rods for the oil industry, chemical industry

Mo alloys - nuclear power engineering, aeronautics program.

Ti alloys – the considered of quality Grade 2 are suitable for automotive and Aerospace industries.